Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Trade Deadline Analysis

July 31st is the day that baseball fans have a second browser window hidden behind their email that they refresh espn.com every chance they get, in the hope that they'll see a picture of someone who wasn't on their team 30 seconds ago magically wearing the hat of the home team.

Unfortunately, espn.com has standards, and when that person is Rey Sanchez, they don't even bother to update the photo in his player profile.

My first inclination was to ravage Pat Gillick as a man who's lost touch with the game, who makes his conservative decisions at a leisurely pace in the offseason, and for either reasons of stubbornness, pride or irrationality refuses to do anything when quick thoughts and big ideas are required. Fortunately our good friends over at the U.S.S. Mariner have taken care of that for me.

Instead, I will take a look at what the others have done in the series of the follow-up posts.

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