Tuesday, 6 December 2011


At the end of the day, I'm don't see the Yankees moves helping them all that much on the field. The fact that they actually did something might help them mentally though.

The A's improved an offense that was sorely lacking, but they needed more than one player to go deep into the post season. Still the fact that the M's Stood Pat helped them and makes the division race too close to call.

The Red Sox look like the big winner here. Who knows how this will all turn out - and gimme a break with the November I-told-you-sos - but I think the Sox have set themselves up to be the wild card team coming out of the AL.

Where does this leave the M's? Well, they're now in two races that will both go down to the wire with Willie Bloomquist, Rey Sanchez and Dan Wilson in the everyday starting lineup, and Mabry, McLemore, Borders and Ugeto as the first options off the bench. Thank god for Ben Davis.

If/when Carlos "Unbreakable" Guillen comes back from his strained pelvis (how does one strain their pelvis anyway? Is this guy the king of the freak injury or what? I mean - tuberculosis? COME ON) we'll have upgraded the lineup for 7-10 days, until his next injury.

In the bullpen you have a whole lot of overworked guys, plus Sazaki. Or is that Sa-sake?

They need to stay healthy and pray. Even then it will be a stretch to make the playoffs, and if they do they're a first round Sonic-special.

There's no excuse for this. The team makes a ton of money, and management is unwilling to put it to use because they don't understand that spending an extra couple of million now will result in many more millions later. And they have a GM who (over)pays for Solid, Proven, Veteran Leadership over all else.

Bottom line: Ownership has sent a message that they want to be successful, but are unwilling to go the extra mile and take the extra risks to win a title. Moreover, they don't care. They're bringing in money hand over fist (though attendance is down 10% this year, make a mental note for the future), yet they are hoarding it instead of spending it.

That's their prerogative. It's also mine as a fan to not give them my money. And I won't.

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