Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's only four days until opening day.

Eleven days for the Mariners. I'm going to put in a little more time here in the upcoming days, but I do have schoolwork to worry about, also. Eventually, my sleep habits will be on-target.

Chris Snelling profile in the Post-Intelligencer.

On the fantasy baseball front, I think I'm the first team in the blogosphere to lose a player for a significant amount of time to injury. Trot Nixon is out until May, so Matt Stairs, who will apparently be a mainstay on my fantasy teams this seasson, is his replacement.

The left-handers are creating a bit of a problem for the Mariners. A good problem, compared to the Carrara vs. Cloude situation last year, but a problem nonetheless. Though I just had to laugh at this line.

"The lefties might force right-hander Kevin Jarvis and his $4.5 million salary right out of the bullpen, which would make room to keep two left-handers. Jarvis, of course, has muddled things by pitching better lately, a scoreless inning yesterday dropping his ERA to 11.82."

When you're pitching better, and your ERA is still around twelve, I think it's safe to say that you're not going to make the team, even if you make $4.5 million (Towers and the Padres should be ashamed of themselves!!)

In other news, Rafael Soriano could return to action Sunday, and will be ready to go on opening day. This is extremely good news.

Jarvis should be expected to make the team, Finnigan and Kelley tell us, citing Jarvis' large contract as the reason. What they neglect to mention is that the Mariners still save a little bit of money from Jeff Cirillo if they just release Jarvis.

If Jarvis does not make the team, Mulholland's age definitely works against him, and the Mariners really like Villone. I'd say it's Villone and Myers.

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